Friday, February 22, 2008

Design Manifesto

For several years I've had a print-out of Jonathan Adler's "manifesto" tacked above my desk. I'd like to think it has inspired my selection of items for the store, as well as those that surround me throughout my life. Read and enjoy!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Preview Our Wares

Get a sneak peek at some of the items we'll be carrying:

* Inspirational design books

* Glamourous stationery

* Stylish tea towels

* Swanky table lamps

* Fabulous accent tables

There's so much more...great garden items to spruce up your deck or yard, cool kids' stuff to please young and old alike, tabletop items for spring entertaining... You have to see it for yourself.

D'oh! We Stand Corrected

Well, the Georgetown art event on the second Saturday of each month is not actually the same as the Artopia event, planned for the summer; it IS called "Art Attack." AND, it is also not on March 15 but March 8! It seems our brains are currently on overload amidst completing the final touches. Apologies to our small but loyal audience.

We'll try to get all our work done to be open in time for the "Art Attack" event on March 8, instead of the following Saturday (March 15) as originally planned. Stay tuned!

We're Getting Close!

Things are coming together on the final store aesthetics--paint is on the walls, lights are soon going in... it's exciting to see the vision we've had in our heads become a reality. Next up: painting the floor, installing trim, and unpacking and arranging all our goodies!

Our opening is scheduled for Saturday, March 15, to coincide with Georgetown's Artopia event. As such, we will have local art on display (we're still nailing down the particulars), and we hope to have lots of visitors, so please do mark your calendars.

Hope to see you there!
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