Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Vera Project

This may be akin to me posting about man walking on the moon, for how up to date I am on all my blogs and, well, almost anything that doesn't share my genetic makeup or exist within the four walls of my shop....(take a breath...long sentence warning)...

BUT these rugs from Anthropologie inspired by the "iconic scarf designs of the legendary Vera" (they phrased it better than I ever could) are killing me with their happiness and style! I am off to find a place for a square rug, so that my kids and dogs can get to work promptly destroying it.

How could you ever be sad in a room where this lived?

I actually love the idea of using these as wall hangings, as implied by the artful onsite merchandising showing the rugs in frames:

Where else can you find an 8' x 8' piece of art for less than $2K? Genius!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Deep Thoughts

One of the many great art finds over on Strataflora.... I love this thought, because how often do we get caught up in others' opinions of us, other people WE DON'T EVEN LIKE?

This piece is by British artist Hannah Richards. I also love her "Childhood Malevolence" series:

This one is my favorite. Who among us hasn't played some part in a similar scene?

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