Friday, March 9, 2012

I Spy

It couldn't be avoided -- I made a trip to IKEA. But a strategic trip: mid-week, drinking was required afterward. I was on the hunt for some organizational items for my new office (filing boxes, storage containers, etc.) but couldn't help noticing some fab new pieces that I would not be ashamed to call my own. What do you think?

Love this rattan chair...reminiscent of one of my favorite companies, Red Egg. A great way to get the look for less...of course, Red Egg manufacturers their furniture in the USA -- Ikea, not so much.

Check out this little outdoor beauty. I can see this in a funky living room or even a kid's room or playroom...or, of course, outdoors, where it is apparently intended to live.

And I loved this hammered metal bowl with gold interiors -- its looks definitely belie its price point, and it doesn't scream "IKEA"...also a plus.

Have you discovered any "hidden gems" at IKEA or other low-end shopping spots? Would love to hear about them!

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