Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Design Ramblings

Whew! Craziness abounds here between project deadlines, ill children, and wrapping up the final loose ends for the impending store re-d0. BUT, in an attempt to avoid addressing the mountain of paperwork next to me, I thought I'd share a few fleeting design-related thoughts on this dreary mid-week day.

First, did you hear the news? Stephen Drucker (aka my personal BFF, as discussed here) is leaving the helm of House Beautiful, where he has worked wonders over the last few years, to head up sister Hearst publication Town & Country. Sad for HB (although it will now be under the capable leadership of current Creative Director Newell Turner, so potentially few stylistic changes forthcoming -- a good thing in my world) but excited for Town & Country, heretofore mostly an eye-candy-filled snooze-fest on the interiors front; I expect great things from Master Drucker, based on prior results.

Even more surprising? Domino (cue sound of angels singing) founding editor Dara Caponigro is taking the reigns at Veranda! Now *that* is going to be interesting. How long before we spot our first lacquered Parsons table or vintage Moroccan rug inside a Veranda issue? Shall we start a pool?

Thanks to Jackie Blue Home for breaking the news to me this morning.

Second, I have set a minor life goal for myself today: to evaluate the new listings on 1stDibs without having to sort by lowest to greatest price. Who out there knows what I'm talking about?

Take a look at one of today's beauties. You shall be mine. Oh, yes. You shall be mine.

Third, reminded again this morning of the insane beauty that is Jonathan Adler's Bond Collection. Did you know you can purchase these pieces--or any of our beloved Adler items--through us?

I drool a little every time I look at this.

Now back to my stack of accounting...or perhaps I should reorganize my fabric library. That sounds MUCH more important. As you were.
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