Thursday, April 24, 2008

Top Design

Congrats to our favorite graphic designer, Anne Bryant of Anne Bryant Creative, for her award-winning designs for our brand identity. Anne just received a Silver award from Neneh Paper's Letterhead Contest.... We always knew she was a winner.

Check out her designs for and ideas about our project here:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pony Tale

Another great vintage piece has found its way to us.... Loving the pony faux-bamboo director's chair. Wonderful brass caps on all of the post ends make it even more divine.

Farewell, Vintage Outdoor Dining Set...

We hardly knew ye.

I love this metal outdoor table and chair set, and though it is very un-merchantly of me, I have to admit I'm going to miss it.

We brought this in around this time last week, and this afternoon it sold to a lovely couple. After selecting the new seat-cushion fabric, finding the marble tabletop to complete the set, repainting it (okay, my fine husband actually did that part, but still...), I feel like I'm losing a child. Or at least a dog.

Goodbye, swell outdoor set. May you weather many a Seattle rain (or snow, as is the case of late).

Love the Kravet outdoor fabric. Long live green and white!

Friday, April 11, 2008

This Just In

Check out some of our most recent finds:

An amazing pair of vintage lamps, gigantic in scale, with a new, custom silver-lined shade. Check out the Lucite base. Love these!

Asian-inspired cane mirror that comes in an array of colors (though white always works in our world). Better yet, it was even made in the USA! The manufacturer recently moved its production from China back here, which has increased costs somewhat but definitely decreased the guilt factor. Well worth it, I say.

Just got this terrific pair of vintage chandeliers that appear to be hand-welded brass...they remind me somewhat of Paul Evans and the whole "Brutalist" movement. They are newly rewired but need a little love with their chains and canopies before they'll be good as new, but I wanted to give a sneak peek in light of their coolness. (Is that a word?)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You Still Haven't Found What You're Looking For?

All this time and planning spent putting together a store, based on things *I* would want, but now that the store is open and I'm meeting lots of customers every day, I find myself wondering, "What do YOU want?"

When you go to a home store, what are you looking for? What are you having trouble finding? I would love to know, so I can get you those things and you can stop looking!

Let me know what you would love discover at our store, and we'll do our best to help.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

More Fame Comes Our Way

Well, perhaps fame is stretching it a bit, but there is a great review of the store on, our local guide to what's happening in the city. Thanks to our new friend Ali for the great write-up.

Python Bench Makes Good

One of our favorite, most fabulous items appears today on the front page of the "Life & Arts" section of the "Seattle Post-Intelligencer" daily paper.... our very own faux python bench. For some reason, the image doesn't show up online, but we'll show it to you ourselves. Read about it here:

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Into the Mystic

Our favorite wall clock, the "Mystic" from Umbra, was featured recently in one of our favorite new-product blogs, pan-dan... Check it out here:, then call or come by to get a Mystic of your very own.
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