Friday, March 28, 2008

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things...

Picture yourself on an Austrian hillside, humming to yourself and twirling in circles. Now picture yourself buying one of the fabulous items below from our humble shop:

I am loving these new vintage metal "bamboo" chairs we just got in... and the gorgeous table lamp from Shine Everyday.

And we also just got in some beautiful ceramics and pots from a fabulous Dutch company, and with great prices to boot... Check out the sweet turquoise rose-studded pot/vase/whatever-you-can-think-of container.... it's only $17! We have some great varieties of the same design in various sizes, colors, etc.

And I love the pair of vintage tractor-seat stools, with what appears to be a custom-welded base in a beautiful art-nouveauish swirling design. These would be fabulous at a small bar, or as extra seating in a den--or even at a swanky dining table mixed with other chairs.

Next week we are expecting some colorful faux-bamboo pieces from a company called Red Egg. Check out their stuff here:, then come by the shop sometime soon to see it in person.

We have marked the end of our first week and are still working on getting the word out about our shop. We have some local advertising planned as well as some exciting publicity opportunities we are hoping will shake out... in the meantime, come see us, and bring your friends--all of them!

Happy shopping.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dirt Candles Hit, Well, Paydirt

One of our favorites, and staples of the store, was featured as an environmental favorite by "Domino" magazine. Read all about it here: (, then swing by the shop and pick up a candle or two...or four.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I Heart Decorno

Also wanted to thank the fabulous "Decorno" local design blog, who featured us as well (and before DailyCandy, I might add--shame on me for not thanking them first!). Decorno makes me laugh at least once per post, which made me even happier that they mentioned Revival Home & Garden. Check it out here:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eye Candy

Woo hoo! Thanks to DailyCandy for featuring us front and center in today's Seattle edition. It brought a lot of folks through our doors and is helping us slowly get the word out about our recent--very recent, as in, today--opening.

Check it out here:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Open for Business

Last night we celebrated in style with friends, family, and business associates who have helped us get to this day... a grand-opening soiree with wonderful food provided by our friends and neighbors at Two Tartes Bakery. We ate, drank, laughed, and sold books, candles, chairs, toys, and many things in between. Thanks to everyone who came, bought, and helped us keep our wits about us! We couldn't have done it without your support and encouragement.

Starting Wednesday, March 19, we are officially open to all every Wed-Fri 10-5, Sat 10-6, and Sun 12-5. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Opening Day

It's finally here... the week we are opening our doors. Though some our favorite pieces won't arrive in time for the grand unveiling, and there is much left to do before "perfection," to heck with it! We can't wait any longer....

We're having a sneak peek for friends, family, and business associates Saturday, March 15, and will be open to the public on the following day, Sunday, March 16, from noon to 5 p.m. Our regular store hours are Wednesday thru Friday, 10-5; Saturday, 10-6; and Sunday, 12-5.

If you're in the neighborhood--or nowhere near the neighborhood--please make a point to stop by and say "hi." Oh, and pretend there are some extra couches, chairs, and tables that aren't actually there. That will make us feel much better.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Karim Rashid Grobal Planters Exclusively at Revival Home & Garden!

We are so excited to be (at least for the time being!) the exclusive Seattle retailer for Grobal planters, designed by design star Karim Rashid. Not only are they super-stylish and available in a rainbow of colors, but they are affordable to boot. What more could you ask from a pot?

Here's an excerpt from today's e-mail edition of "Inhabitat" (, a blog we love, touting the Grobal's swell qualities:

"Sometimes ‘it’s not easy being green,' and a little help is needed to make our living space or office cubicle greener and cleaner without much maintenance. Enter the ‘techno-organic’ Grobal planter, a super-stylish self-watering planter that is a foolproof way to grow plants and flowers without day-to-day watering or green-thumb know-how. Invented by Treg Bradley and designed with the high-gloss biomorphism of superstar Karim Rashid, Grobal is ideal for cultivating house plants, flowers, herbs, orchids, and succulents. Let the internal ‘grow chamber’ do the work, and you can sit back and nurture yourself and your plants in self-sufficient, eco-style."

Stop by the store after we open to pick up your very own Grobal. In the meantime, check out to learn more about Grobal planters and why you must have one.

Trials and Tribulations

Well, like most new businesses scrambling to open its doors, we're experiencing our share of pitfalls--fabulous upholstered pieces and swell tables we ordered months ago not arriving for another month or more, vintage pieces we bought after seeing only photographs arriving in need of more than a little TLC, items arriving damaged and having to be returned, vendors still deciding whether to allow us to carry their products...

Like all store-owners (especially aesthetically-obsessed Virgo ones), we so wanted our vision to be 100% fulfilled and perfect in time for our opening soiree March 15, but it is not to be. We're operating off the idea that this is a great opportunity to test our creative mettle and think out of the box. We've got barely over a week to come up with some ideas to fill in the gaps.

Look at it this way: Now you have some excellent reasons to keep coming back to the store. All those new, delayed pieces will be coming in for some time!
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