Friday, March 28, 2008

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things...

Picture yourself on an Austrian hillside, humming to yourself and twirling in circles. Now picture yourself buying one of the fabulous items below from our humble shop:

I am loving these new vintage metal "bamboo" chairs we just got in... and the gorgeous table lamp from Shine Everyday.

And we also just got in some beautiful ceramics and pots from a fabulous Dutch company, and with great prices to boot... Check out the sweet turquoise rose-studded pot/vase/whatever-you-can-think-of container.... it's only $17! We have some great varieties of the same design in various sizes, colors, etc.

And I love the pair of vintage tractor-seat stools, with what appears to be a custom-welded base in a beautiful art-nouveauish swirling design. These would be fabulous at a small bar, or as extra seating in a den--or even at a swanky dining table mixed with other chairs.

Next week we are expecting some colorful faux-bamboo pieces from a company called Red Egg. Check out their stuff here:, then come by the shop sometime soon to see it in person.

We have marked the end of our first week and are still working on getting the word out about our shop. We have some local advertising planned as well as some exciting publicity opportunities we are hoping will shake out... in the meantime, come see us, and bring your friends--all of them!

Happy shopping.

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