Friday, December 10, 2010

The Reagan Administration

I am dying to specify something from one of my latest favorite companies -- do you know Reagan Hayes? They've been getting some fantastic press of late from the likes of Veranda and now, Elle Decor, so clearly I'm in good company in my admiration.

Producing a limited number of upholstered pieces, Reagan Hayes knows how to design a classic; every single item is perfectly proportioned and truly timeless, and I am fairly certain you could fill your entire home with their line and never tire of any of it.... Even the finishes are perfectly edited perfection!

Here's what I am dying for:

Chief among my Reagan-related obsessions is the Sylvia sofa -- not sure if it is the creamy painted finish, the sophisticated camel fabric, the bolster pillows, or that swoon-worthy back shape that makes me weak in the knees. Most likely, all of the above.

Other sofas I have loved:

And don't even get me started on the chairs!

Look at the detail on the seat back!

For once, a tagline bears a lot of truth -- Reagan Hayes' is "Youthful Elegance." Indeed.

Drop me a line for details on any of the items from their line.

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