Friday, May 16, 2008

My Husband's Favorite Day of the Year

Mark your calendars, is time to begin the countdown to this year's Georgetown Art and Garden Walk. The chicken rears its head once again on the second Sunday of July...I'd type the date and times but my daughter spilled bubbles on my laptop keyboard, and the entire top two rows no longer function. Ah, motherhood.

But I digress. From ten to five, you can visit a number of local gardens ranging from prizewinning to beginning, as well as check out wares from local artists, shops...including yours truly...and restaurants. We'll have our garden open as always this year, so come by South Orcas and say hello to my husband Chad and daughter Piper, who will be holding down the fort while Mom is tending the store and praying not to go into labor for another two weeks.

We're working on having some custom concrete pots and planted containers at the store in time for the big day, so don't forget to visit us here at the shop.

See you then...and hopefully many times before and after as well.

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