Friday, January 9, 2009

But I Digress...

I started this blog shortly after opening the store last March, primarily as a way to communicate information about the store while having my "real" Web site built (still in the works, I am sad to say!), but over time I have thought more and more about what I wish my blog were. One of my goals for the New Year is to try and get there.

If you have followed our musings over the last few months, you know that one of our favorite blogs is Decorno. While of course we love her decor-related postings, the real reason we read is for HER--her snarkiness and her perspective on things from the economy to family to draped tables (yes or no?). She just makes us laugh, and reminds us not to take ourselves or our industry so seriously.

In my perfect world, this blog would be more like that. It would, of course, be filled mostly with things related to the shop, but it would also be dotted with posts about remodeling my home, my struggles in balancing two small children and a new business, my frustrations in finding any time left over for myself... things I think a lot of us out there are dealing with.

Would anyone have any interest in reading any of this? Maybe not. Is anyone reading this now? Who knows. But if you do follow along, please indulge some experimentation....and of course let us know if we are boring you to tears.

Thanks for listening. How much do I owe you?


Siiri said...

Hey Leah,

I think re-directing or re-focusing your blog could be really great. One thing you might consider (if you have not already done so) is the idea of having a guest blogger like once a month. You could use a catchy title like "Blogsitter" or something that indicates someone is helping you take care of your blog, by giving an additional perspective (that is always refreshing, no?). This really shows your audience that you want them to get the best of the best, in your industry, by exposing them to things they might not otherwise see or hear....just like you do now with linking to other sites/blogs you like. This could also give you a jumping off point for further discussions in subsequent blog posts. And if you have the same guest blogger each month, they could do it like a mini-series, you know: 12 installations in a discourse about blah blah blah.....

Anyway, take it with a grain of salt! I'll keep reading no matter what! you know you're one of fave Seattlites!


Revival Home and Garden said...

Hi, Siiri. Thanks for your thoughtful response... I think you have made some great suggestions, and I very much appreciate you taking the time to do so.

Stay tuned. All I need now is some time without a child under the age of three clamped to my leg! The blog posts would flow like honey.

Hope to see you again soon!


SuzMoore said...

Thanks for asking! The thing I like best on my favorite blogs is getting a personal perspecitve + inspiring images.
I loved your posts showing your store window (& Barney's too). I would like to hear more about your business - creating displays, buying trips, etc. None of they blogs I read regularly(compulsivly?) cover this side of design.
Before and after photos are like candy to me. I love them & cannot get enough.
Thanks again for asking!

kelley moore said...

You are on the right track girl! I would love to know what inspires you to buy certain vintage pieces or items in the store. Of course, I love it all!

Revival Home and Garden said...

Love the feedback! I will take all of these fabulous ideas to heart in future blog posts, so stay tuned. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. We appreciate it!

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