Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The much-anticipated (she says sarcastically) second installment of my Georgetown Garden Tour series, today's topic is the neighborhood itself -- the images that make Georgetown what it is for me.

Perhaps Georgetown's most fabled building, especially as of late, is The Corson Building. Like almost everyone I talk to about the building, I have, over the years, envisioned myself ensconced here, tending to my Italianate gardens in a caftan and sipping iced tea to the strains of classical music bouncing from the stone walls.

Unfortunately, in reality, I will have to pony up $150 bucks to pass an evening in the garden with tea in hand. I can't decide if it's my schedule or my budget that has prevented me from dining at the Corson Building yet, though to their credit, they now offer a number of more budget-friendly dining options for the masses.

Have you been? What did you think?

I love the colors on this old Ford, or "ord," as the case may be.

My nomination for best mailbox in Georgetown, to be found on the front of the lovely Georgetown Ballroom.

Old metal work separating what is begging to be an outdoor courtyard.

Georgetown's answer to public art.

My favorite local watering hole, which is incidentally the oldest bar in Seattle.

Do I love it so much because of the wallpaper? Probably. But the burgers and tater tots are a close second.

Great storefront for Georgetown Records, a spot I am way too unhip to frequent. But I like that its here nonetheless.

Fruit Cocktail, a charming spot to discover fun, affordable estate treasures. They also combine two of my favorite elements, striped awnings and turquoise. What's not to love?

Another striped awning, this one on the charming Carlton Grocery.
Georgetown, home of toile wallpaper in bars, abandoned "ords," striped awnings aplenty. We love you.


red ticking said...

very fun tour... have a wonderful weekend... lets go eat tator tots! x pam

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Hard to not love Georgetown! xxdeb

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