Thursday, October 8, 2009

Talking Shop

(Quickly catch your breath after viewing the above photo....)

For those of you we haven't been harrassing via e-mail about our recent move, we are now open in our new location, the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Our grand opening was last week, after a month-long hiatus since closing our original Georgetown location.

We have so many gorgeous new (and new "old") pieces that I simply had to share a few photos with our friends who must have been trapped under something heavy since last Thursday and haven't yet been by the new shop. (Those of you outside the city are excused.)

I'll be working over the coming weeks on updating our Web site with our new inventory, new store images, and hopefully soon building our online interior design portfolio so you can see some of the fun projects we've completed. (Baby steps.... I am lucky to shower most days.)

Take a peek inside the new shop. And whether you're two blocks, neighborhoods, cities, or states away, come up and see us sometime. We'd love to see you!

Now, for the tour:

Can we briefly discuss how incredibly GORGEOUS this piece is? I bought it at an auction, back when it was a medium-oak finish. My gifted painter worked his magic, and how you see the new incarnation. Somewhere Dorothy Draper is patting herself on the back.

Also, I would like to touch on the striped wall, which I'm sure (like me) many of you have admired in the pages of Elle Decor (mostly in bathrooms, it seems, or with a slight twist of vertical stripes ala Alessandra Branca). I had about a week to move in and put my own finishing touches on the space after the painters and other folks completed their work, and do you know what I spent about 98% of that time doing? Yes. Stripes. I'm now seeing stripes in my dreams (nightmares?). But I am really happy with the finished product, particularly against the insane secretary and adorable sconces from a new line we're carrying at the store, Stray Dog Designs.

Back to the tour:

Another glimpse of the aforementioned stripes, along with one of a pair of vintage greek key-embellished mirrors. You know me and the greek keys....

Also new to the store: Rubie Green organic bedding, by the divine Michelle Adams. Paired with vintage table lamps, chandelier, and prints, along with a Jonathan Adler zebra needlepoint rug and some of our favorite accent pillows, it's a lovely little vignette. If nothing else, now I have a spot to nap during lulls at the shop.

Check out the ball pillow. I had it custom-made from the Rubie Green "Jackie" fabric. Why a ball pillow? I don't know. But I like it.

The unfortunate aspect of the bedding vignette? It conceals....yes, another greek key! The vintage headboard is festooned with a pair of them. Sigh.

This little arrangement makes me happy whenever I glance its way: navy blue, hot pink, yellow, and white. You may recognize the sofa from a stint in my living room; its now covered in bomber white vinyl that actually resists even ink stains. The chairs are vintage, as is the coffee table, now in a shade my painter calls "American Cheese." Not likely to make its way into the pantheon of paint names anytime soon.

I love the framed wallpaper panels peeking out at the sides; I snatched the paper up from Elements of Style's etsy shop. The colors and graphic quality are perfect.

Another angle.

Gorgeous black faux patent leather on 19th-century French dining chairs (now with white paint -- I know if legions of people were reading this, about three-quarters of them would be shrieking in horror.) Flanking the two lovelies are a set of redone Thonet chairs, with seats in white faux croc vinyl. Yes, I am single-handedly trying to keep the vinyl industry afloat.

Accessories shot: Jack + Lulu paper products (love), vintage barware with the motif whose name shall not be spoken, along with a Simon Doonan/Jonathan Adler shrine.

Also new to the shop: Kaarskoker candle sleeves and customizable candlesticks. A better hostess gift anywhere? We think not.

And it seems I have developed an addiction to changing out all my standard candlesleeves with those emblazoned with peacock print, herringbone, and fretwork. Who would have guessed?

Come see it all for yourself. Doesn't everything look better in person? Well, except models. And celebrities. And furniture from West Elm. Oh, nevermind.


Kelie said...

The new shop is so pretty, good for you! I need to come by and get the Ruby Green bedding - love it!

Congratulations!! Kelie

Brilliant Asylum said...

Congratulations! I see so many things I want for myself. Hope to see it in person someday!

Rebecca June said...

Somehow I will have to make it to you new and even more beautiful shop! How is it possible that you out did yourself? It is nice to have you back in the blogosphere/ twitter land. You have been missed.


Rebecca June

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Congrat's!! - love your vingette's. The striped wall is fabulous.Missing Captial Hill here in Texas D:

jamieofalltrades said...

I was just looking at Rubie Green fabric today. I really want to recover some chairs. Once I get my quote, I know where I'm getting my fabric!
Welcome Back!

Revival Home and Garden said...

Jamie, come on down! And if you're in need, I have a great upholsterer who is reasonable--drop me a line if you want his info.


Gina Spadoni said...

Matt & I loved discovering your store today and meeting you! Your shop is amazing and I'm so happy to have stumbled across it in your new location. Personally I'm thrilled you've moved to the Hill -- I'm there much more. It was great meeting a fellow magazine addict (I'm going to show Matt that crazy Jacobean "weekend" house).

You'll see us shopping again. I bet your store will go gangbusters in its new home...congrats!

Katy said...

Gaaah! Everything looks fabulous! I'm OBSESSED with the Draper Etagere! Amazing! Beautiful stuff...want to open a store in Boston? Ha!

The Elegant Thrifter said...


Your shop looks amazing! Makes me want to come to Washington to see it. I love the way you mixed old and new and vintage. Congratulations on a truly delightful looking shop. (And if secrets must be shared, I use the white parson's desk from West Elm!)


Rox said...

You have an amazing store! It's too bad I live on the East Coast...I can tell you we both have a thing for the "G" design...I love those vintage glassware that you showed in one of the images....Can you ship them to Virginia?

You blog and store are candies to my eyes!


Revival Home and Garden said...

Elaine, thanks so much for the kind words. You'll just have to come for a visit!

Yes, the vintage glasses were gorgeous, and I would be more than happy to ship them to Virginia, if I hadn't already shipped them to a lucky lady in Dallas! I'll keep my eyes peeled for similar sets, as they caused quite the stir.

Thanks for reading!

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