Saturday, August 28, 2010


For months (years?) I have been drooling over virtually everything made by Hudson Furniture -- you've undoubtedly seen their minimalist ads in Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and more, touting the likes of these:

But what has really had me swooning all this time is the following chandelier, dubbed "The Atlantis":

Certainly it wouldn't work for every aesthetic, but in the right spot, it surely has to be one of the most gorgeous fixtures ever designed.

Being a curious sort, I called Hudson at one point to investigate the likelihood of me ever owning one -- i.e., finding out the price -- and it was something that far exceeded my the neighborhood of five digits.

I almost fell over a few months ago when delivering a chair to a client's home and I spotted what I thought was this very same fixture hanging in her stairwell. The conversation went something like this:

ME: (Gasp...choke...more gasping) Is that a...Hudson...chandelier? (More gasping.)
CLIENT: Oh, god no... I wish. It's a knock-off that I found online for less than $2K.
ME: (Gasp...gasp...gasp) Must. Find. Out. Who. Makes. This.

Well, I did, and here it is:

A blatant rip-off? Yes, but also a life raft for those of us for whom five-digit lighting fixtures are, shall we say, aspirational.

This one retails with us for $1,950. I am dying for someone to order one or select it for a project so I can ogle it again in person. Who's game?


Real Estate Geelong said...

wow love those lights really really dreamy and unique

Anonymous said...

Where is the "aspirational lamp" from?

Revival Home and Garden said...

The dream lamp is also from Hudson -- and they are now making it in a gold finish as well! Gorgeous.

Letitia Little said...

fabulous chandelier. Good research on your part.

Erika Howard said...

Do you have the website for the knock off? I would order it right this second, it is brilliant!

Revival Home and Garden said...

Erika, drop me a line at and I can give you all the particulars on the knock-off...I love it as well!


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