Monday, March 7, 2011

Ridder Me This

Ridder me this, indeed. I have recently developed a minor obsession with designer Katie Ridder's line of fabric and wallpaper.

You've probably seen Katie's interior design work in the pages of Elle Decor, House & Garden, or other favorite shelter magazines. Maybe these images will refresh your memory:

I'm not a huge fan of blogging other designers' work because, well, that's what magazines are for. But these images are a great illustration of what makes Katie's fabric and wallpaper designs so perfect -- the same simple yet chic aesthetic, and inventive and unpredictable use of color so present in her interiors is also what makes her product lines so distinctive.

Because I live in Seattle, un-affectionately known to me and friends as "Beigetown," I had to request samples of Katie's line from Chicago, where they know how to use a color or five. A few weeks ago a gigantic goodie box came (thanks, Amy!), filled to the rim with fabric and wallpaper from Katie, Martin Lawrence-Bullard, Michael Devine, Amanda Nisbet, and loads of other designers (most of) Seattle is too beige to appreciate.

While all gorgeous, I was seriously impressed with Katie's unexpected color pairings and quirky patterns.... I see a LOT of fabric and wallpaper designs through my work, and Katie's line really stands out from the crowd, which is tough to do.

I already have plans to redo my home office in this paper:


Here are some other patterns I love, available in both fabric and wallpaper:



Moon Flower

Thanks to our friends in Chicago, we have most of her line represented here at the shop, so if you're in Seattle, come by for a peek. You'll be saying to yourself, "Ridder me this" in no time flat.


Alexandra Hedin said...

Darn! Now I want different fabric on my chairs!!

Revival Home and Garden said...

I support that wish! ;-)


Decor Arts Noe said...

Love the Ridder collection! Thanks for bringing it too my attention.

Amelia Stevenson said...

I love Katie's interior design especially the first photo. It matches my bedroom wind chime.

If I have the money, I would like to buy Katie Ridder's whole furniture set. It's perfect...

Ohhh.... the living rooms. LOVE IT!

Cy said...

Oh! I can't help but notice the pillows. I love decorative pillows in my home so I constantly look for ways to style them. Thanks!

diana said...

Amazing Ridder collection.lovely fabric and wallpapers.i like Sofa with beautiful lighting lamps. thanks for sharing.
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full queen outlast blanket white said...

Really Nice Collection Of ridder! I think Now It is really Easy to Decorate the Room!

Sam said...

Wonderful assortment of fabric. Such wonderful ideas. Great blog.

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clearlakelife said...

I came across your blog looking for playroom ideas... I read about the large house in SF you were helping redecorate in 2010 and was hoping for after photos, I have the same chairs as in her dining room, curious how you treated them, but I think recovering in the seaweed fabric would be amazing :) thank you for all the fun and I'd love to see after photos if you have them!

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