Saturday, August 6, 2011

Is This Thing On?

If you're anything like me, sometimes inspiration can be hard to come by (hence the five-month gap between blog posts). I know in this modern world, where it's all too easy to design the image of ourselves we want others to see, it's not often that the people you look up to seem, well, human. Between their designer wardrobes, product lines and television shows, and children straight from the crewcuts catalog, these people just seem from some other planet -- do they ever have to pick up dog poop? Do their dogs even poop at all? Do they ever have days that they just want to stay in bed with the covers pulled over their heads and watch a running loop of "Dr. Phil" re-runs?

Well, they may not, but I do. Sometimes the realities of life make feeling inspired not only a stretch, but not much of a priority, frankly. That being said, a little inspiration is sometimes all you need to rip off those covers and face your life head on.

I don't have any great sources of inspiration to share--although I do like some of these ideas, cheesy as they may be. Today, no amazing new sources for the perfect side table, nor any news of the business's latest success. Sometimes in life, getting through the day is all you can muster, and even that can feel like (and might even be) a huge achievement. But for me, right now in my life, it's inspiring to realize that no matter what you're doing in and with your life, you can change it. Give it all away. Close the doors. Open a window. Pack up the moving truck. Start the new business. Take the leap.

At the end of the day, doesn't it sounds great to give it all away and finally start living? Maybe it's just me.


Alicia said...

No its not just you. Heck I've been barely reading htem much less blogging the last almost year for all the exact same reasons covers over the head & all. For me its not Phil, its How I met Your Mother. Dr Phil may hit a nerve. :)
Moving, starting the new busines. Me: everyday. Pesky money issue & economy...:P.
I guess the key is too keep plugging along, taking care of your dream & hoping that opportunity will come from what you do & fate throws & then Oregon here I come. Perhaps I'll see you there.

Open House LLC said...

A heavy message indeed. Glad to see your back (even though it may ba briefly). Hope business is good for you-that in and of itself can be inspiring.

Jakabock said...

Indeed, the drudgery of life can become a bit much at times. I often feel shackled down due to various "chains"... house payment, job, showering every morning. But what I have realized is that these "chains" are only a problem when I consider them to be. Rather, perhaps they should be uplifting. At least I have a place to call home, a job to say I hate, and a shower to say I dont want to use. Its all a matter of perspective. So try perceiving it a different way, and maybe, just maybe all that you wish to throw away might be worth embracing once more.

You Don’t Know Jak

Revival Home and Garden said...

Thanks, everybody. And great advice, Jakabock! Sometimes it is all about perception.

Alicia, good idea to stay away from "Dr. Phil" -- why didn't I think of lighter fare to keep me occupied under the covers???


Angie said...

Not just you!!! This post hit home, that's all I can say.

Uncle Beefy said...

I don't really have advice but I do have some moral support. I'm right there with you. I struggle with those feelings but find it better to just ride the wave until it rolls you back in. But, I get impatient in these time. Admittedly, I'm considering the final sentiment more everyday! :)

Revival Home and Garden said...

Riding the wave is good advice. I think that inspiration and motivation are a lot like the tide -- they roll in and they roll out, and you just have to go with it. It always helps to know that you're not alone in your feelings, so thanks to everyone for the words of support. Now onwards and upwards!

Anonymous said...

It ain't just you babe. We're in the same boat. I think a larger part of the problem is that the boat is getting pretty heavy. In other times, when we're feeing sluggish,downtrodden or overwhelmed, we can look around and witness some balance and feel confident our malaise will pass. But the whole damned planet is struggling under the weight of the daily dismal news.
I'm sure we'll surface eventually, but Damn!

JoAnna Jackson Garnto said...

very good points everyone..thanks for this post. I have so struggled with wanting to give up and feeling stupid for not being more in this first year of starting my own company. Thanks for the reminder that I'm not alone in wanting to give up sometimes. My goal is just to keep my priorities in order and do something each day toward building my business.
Thanks again for the great post!

smilesfromstilacoom said...

I really, really, really adored your shop today! I've been wanting to see it for a few months now! I can't wait to come back by my self and enjoy it in detail but, I bet my twin babies boys were screaming for joy as I was over the decor :)

So beautiful. Can't wait to visit again soon.

Revival Home and Garden said...

Ha! It's hard to forget twin babies! Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by the shop. Hope to see you again soon!

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