Friday, November 4, 2011

The Devil Is in the Details

Contrary to what "Million Dollar Decorators" might have you believe -- or what might actually be true for the MDDs -- being a designer is not all about selecting $25,000 carpets or waiting in bed for million-dollar projects to fall into your lap. Most of my projects are completed in phases, as clients' time and budgets allow, and they often involve seemingly mundane tasks like selecting planters for front porches or finding the exact right piece for a mantle or coffee table.

But I often find that the smallest tasks can be the most rewarding and even make the biggest impact. I recently spent a few hours at a client's home, styling her mantle and other aspects of her Living Room, and the transformation was huge! Sometimes just editing what you already have and dreaming up new ways and places to use it is all that is required to give a room a whole new look and feel.

Take a look at a few "before" and "after" shots, and perhaps you will get inspired to do some selective editing this weekend...or call me for help!

The mantel "BEFORE"

Mantel "AFTER"

Secretary "BEFORE" -- you can't see a lot of detail here, which is part of the problem; it was filled with lots of clear glass pieces and other items that failed to add much against the dark wood.

Secretary "AFTER" -- I love the shots of white and blue that draw you in...and the negative space creates a more restful feeling than rows of full shelves.


Open House LLC said...

Sometimes we are just too close to our own homes and need creative energy and inspiration to come from someone else. Way to make it pop with personality.

Revival Home and Garden said...

Totally -- even if it is just a friend with a good designer required, but of course, I am happy to make myself available. ;-)

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