Monday, October 8, 2012

We Are Family

So there's the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon theory, right? I think we all have some version of that game we apply to our own lives; the more connected our world becomes, the shorter the distance between any of us. And that theory feels even more true in the design world -- it seems those of us operating within it are only one layer away from someone we admire....or, as I like to call it, one of our "design crushes."

Because I am a woman, a decorator, and, well, human, I love Nate Berkus...not only is he ridiculously talented and charming, but he is so darn cute. (Yeah, I said it.) You can imagine how excited I was when packing a One Kings Lane shipment to see the shipping address reading "Nate Berkus Associates." Aaack!

Nate (or, more likely, someone working for Nate) purchased one of my favorite items, a pair of wall panels I had made from a roll of vintage wallpaper I purchased from the etsy shop of one of my favorite bloggers, Erin Gates of Elements of Style.

And today a client alerted me to a recent EOS post about Nate's new book, illustrating the panels...featured in the book! Erin wrote that the paper is identical to that she has for sale, not knowing it is actually HER PAPER I bought years ago.

A photo from Nate's new book (courtesy of EOS) showing the panels in their new home.

A shot from the old store, showing the panels in their original home.

The way I see it, Nate, Erin and I are now practically related.

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