Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh-h-h, Domino

Mark your calendars... Saturday, October 18, we are celebrating big-time. Firstly, we're marking the publication of the first-ever decorating book from our favorite magazine, "Domino." We'll have dozens of copies of the book on hand for purchase, and we're cooking up some sort of fabulous giveaway to commemorate the event.

Secondly, and--in our little world, more importantly--we are rejoicing in our inclusion in said favorite magazine's forthcoming Seattle shopping guide, penned by the lovely Rita Konig, whom we had the pleasure of spending a day with a few months ago. The guide will appear in the November issue, but we're working on getting a stack of advanced copies to distribute at the soiree.

Good food? Check. Good music? Check. Fawncy alcoholic beverages? Check. Amazing items for you and yours, for holiday or every day? Check.

Hold the date, and we'll keep you posted on all the details. Stay tuned...

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