Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Post-Domino Post

We had such a great time at our recent soiree to celebrate all things Domino (well, mainly just two things: their new decorating book and our inclusion in the just-released November issue) that we wanted to share a few images that capture the evening beautifully. (Special thanks to our friend and photgrapher extraordinnaire Liz Ophoven for the fabulous pics.)

Thanks as well to the team at the Adventure School for their awesome balloons and "domino effect" window theme. Check out their incredible Web site...makes me want to jet off on safari.


MABELLE said...

Wow! Your store is absolutely beautiful! Congrats on your inclusion in domino and your successful party! :)

Revival Home and Garden said...

Thanks, Michelle! I love your blog and beautiful fabrics...hoping to use some on a current project.

Check back in a few weeks...our online store should be up and running.


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