Monday, October 20, 2008

The Story of a Sofa

Courtesy of our friend Pamela Hodnefield of PH Design Group, we are the proud owners of a smashing vintage black leather chesterfield, seen above en route to the shop in my husband's equally smashing vintage VW truck.

Here's how it looks in its new home:

How would it look in yours?


Jenny said...

Just found all your fabulousness in Domino! Where is that poster from? (I'm afraid to ask how much it is.) Very refreshing pieces - have you bookmarked!

Revival Home and Garden said...

Hi, Jenny. Thanks for checking us out--never hurts to be in Domino!

The poster is from a great Nashville print shop called Hatch Show Print; I hail from Nashville and have had one in my home for many years, which inspired me to bring in a select few to the shop. I had them custom-framed in Plexiglas which accounts for most of the expense... I'm selling them for $625 each, and most styles are around 30" x 50" (or the inverse, for vertical styles)

Our e-commerce site should go live in a week or two, so check back to see all of our lovely merchandise for sale.

Thanks again!

Revival Home and Garden said...

D'oh! Rule number one for shopkeepers: never quote prices from memory. The framed print featured in Domino is actually $650.00, but if you mention you read about my pricing error on the blog, we'll sell it to you for $625.00 to reward you for paying attention!

Darvin said...

Hi we found your store this morning. You were so nice. I inquired about this couch and was sad to find out it was sold. It was our 5th anniversary and I thought this would be a perfect gift. But it's ok we have a new store to frequently visit.

Revival Home and Garden said...

Hi, Darvin. I definitely remember you! So sorry the couch was sold, but you'll just have to come back for the next one. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again for visiting...and happy anniversary!

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