Friday, December 26, 2008

It's On

Yep, Christmas is only one foot in the grave and we are already on to the next big thing: our floor-model sale on all new (i.e., non-vintage) furniture and lighting.

If you've had your eye on anything in the shop as of late, stay mindful; to keep things interesting, we are holding a progressive sale, so the longer the sale, the better the deals.

Here's the skinny:

DEC. 26 - JAN. 9: 15% OFF

JAN. 10 - JAN. 20: 20% OFF

JAN. 21 – JAN. 31: 30% OFF

Act quickly to ensure you get your heart's desire for a discount, or hedge your bets in the hopes that the object of your affection is still around for the final days.

Good luck!

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