Sunday, April 19, 2009

How Much for the Room?

Interior from The Rug Company; rug design by Suzanne Sharp

Maybe it's just me, but sometimes I find myself perusing catalogs and falling in love with all the things that *aren't* for sale. There are a few retailers out there with a supreme knack for putting together magical interiors and spectacular finds to offset their products, and some of their catalog pages inevitably find their way into my design inspiration folder.

My all-time favorite catalog interiors? The Rug Company. Not coincidentally, their rugs are also among my all-time favorite. (And can I state for the record that one of their designers, Suzanne Sharp, is a rug goddess; hers are always the ones I drool most over, without even knowing the designer.)

Naturally, the company is British, which gives them a leg up in the style department. (We Yanks will catch up with you one day, you just watch...)

If you've never seen their catalog, it's actually a thick hardbound book, always with an amazing graphic cover in vibrant colors....honestly, you'd be proud to display it on your coffee table.

Take a look at some of my favorite Rug Company interiors:

Another retailer who excels at interesting interiors? FLOR, the maker of the ubiquitous carpet tiles in vast arrays of colors and patterns. I have several at home in my kids' rooms--with little humans and canines, these are invaluable for their ability to be pulled up, rinsed off, and even replaced, if the stain is too egregious.

I invariably spot furniture or accent pieces in FLOR's catalogs that I covet and have more than once tried to no avail to track down. They also do a great job (especially for a mass retailer) at combining unexpected colors to create really interesting vignettes. Take a look at some of their recent shots to see what I mean:

How much do I want this desk? A LOT.

Who are your favorite catalog "designers"?


DesignTies said...

These are great rooms and rugs, aren't they?! I need a rug for my own living room and just can't decide what direction I want to go in. It's much harder when buying for myself then it is for a client :-) Speaking of clients... I've copied the first pic you posted above - I want to do a similar treatment on my client's wall and this pic is perfect to show her. Thanks!
Victoria: EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies

Revival Home and Garden said...

Glad to be of help, Victoria!

And I can totally relate... I think designers are our own worst clients; we have the misfortune of knowing exactly how many "perfect" options are out there. I get "perfection paralysis" myself!

jamieofalltrades said...

I love the Rug Company. They always have at least one great bold piece in their rooms. Very fun!

ACQUIRE said...

I LOVE pouring over the Rug Co. catalog. The hard-bound catalog in their store could easily be sold as a coffee table book.

Revival Home and Garden said...

So now it looks like a trip to Boston to visit ACQUIRE! Beautiful.

Thanks for reading.

Amber Smith said...

Hi Leah - Fun post! I am right there with you, the Rug Company and their catalog is just awesome. Didn't we look through that one drooling over some of these rugs? Hope you are doing well, I sure miss coming by the shop :) Hope to see you soon! Best - Amber

Lisa said...

What a great post! I completely understand the situation. Honestly, in the first few photos, i paid no attention to the rugs...instead i was all over the millwork on the walls! You did get my attention with the mention of the tiles. I will check it out!
Always great to twitter with & visit you & Revival.

Love Where You Live said...

thanks for introducing me to The Rug Company. I love their inspirational rooms as well. I just took at quick look at their Web site, which you provided, and they have more there. Thanks, -susan

coco+kelley said...

their 'catalog' is like a gorgeous coffee table book! i have it on my desk :) LOVE that last settee!!!

Revival Home and Garden said...

I know -- it is like porn.

Speaking of settees, Miss coco+kelley, I was just checking out your Pacific Galleries sofa the fabric. I love that place but I always get myself into trouble when I visit. Must. stay. away.

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