Friday, June 25, 2010

Domestic Bliss

Green Velvet, Julie Blackmon

Blogging is a lot like exercising -- the less often you do it, the harder it is to get back into the swing of things.

Fortunately, today I stumbled across something that excited me enough to lace up my running shoes and head out for a blog... that something is photographer Julie Blackmon.

Thanks to the weird, circuitous world of the Internet, I discovered Julie's work via One Kings Lane's recent sale of photo editions from Hamburg Kennedy Photographs; I quickly developed a fixation on Massimo Vitali's diptychs and triptychs, which sent me in search of HK Photograph's site. They represent some amazing photographers, and as much as I go weak in the knees for paintings, there's something about a great photograph that always stops me dead in my tracks.

Enter Julie Blackmon.

Her work combines everything I love about, well, everything: Color, humor, interiors, and family.

And now, thanks to Julie, in addition to seriously coveting her photograph entitled "Green Velvet," I feel compelled to go recover something velvet.

Which is your favorite?

Tippee Cup

Family Portrait

Crystal Ball

Boar Head



dovecote Decor said...

I am starting to become a fan of photography and portraits that show motion or bits of a face or body. My recent favorite portrait is of a friend, but only his eyes, glasses, and part of his nose. I'm seeing more of this type of image capture on FB too. I do like these photos, but I want them in a book, not on my wall.

Dawn Bassett said...

lovelovelove! So narrative, cheeky and funny. Honest and demure and absolutely beautiful.
Leah, thank you for this find!!!

Revival Home and Garden said...

Dawn, are we the only people weird enough to love these?

Erika @ Practical Princess said...


I just checked out your shop online. Everything is beautiful! I am glad to have found a Seattle designer/blogger =)

Erika @ Practical Princess said...

Thanks for leaving me the link, that table is beautiful!

hope chest said...

I am always fun of your photography. I adore all your photos. I am practicing on how to be a good photographer like you. You are my inspiration.

amy pool said...

I love the "Family Portrait" and "Babysitter" the most. Your photos are unique because it's like watching a movie and then pressing the "pause" button - that's exactly what would appear on the screen

shari @ little blue deer said...

She is so talented! I love the top one the most! And I love your blog, it is fabulous here, you should post more, it's great! Happy to be your newest follower! Cheers!

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