Friday, June 4, 2010

Holy Oly!

In addition to the amazing food and diverse culture, I've found yet another reason to live in the Bay Area: proximity to Oly's annual sample sale!

A California client of mine was able to attend, and scored five pieces for the retail price of one of the pieces alone, so let's all plan a field trip for the next one, shall we?

Her treasures included the gorgeous Dominique cabinet shown here, planned for her daughter's room:

Can't you just see the interior painted a lovely pale blue or, for the more adventurous, a kelly green lacquer?

My client purchased one in the silver wood finish, shown here:

Sadly, when she returned home, she realized the piece was too large for the room, so she'd love to see it find a good home. The normal retail price on this piece is $6, 250, but for you, only $2,500! Too good to be true.

If you're intrigued, drop me a note and we'll strategize.

Happy weekend!

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