Friday, January 13, 2012

Royal Albert

As those of you determined enough to follow along despite my infrequent-of-late posts may know, I grew up in the South -- Nashville, Tennessee, to be exact -- where gorgeous, old, traditional homes abound; I was even lucky enough to grow up in one myself.

A few days ago I learned one of Nashville's most beautiful homes recently went up for sale, and I was finally able to peek inside. Built in 1931, the home is rumored to have been decorated by the legendary Albert Hadley of venerable interiors firm Parish-Hadley. (Full disclosure: said rumor comes from a family member, but I am unable to verify this in Hadley's work history.)

Despite my lack of written proof, the home smacks of Hadley's genius and could be straight out of a recent issue of Veranda or Architectural Digest.

I love the various furniture groupings -- the perfect way to make a large space more intimate.

The window treatments here, in what appears to be the Library, are stunning, as they are throughout the home.

Love the table stacked with books.

Probably my favorite room -- guessing this may be the lady of the house's office...? The black lacquered walls, the lucite table and the pops of green throughout = pure chic.

The apple-green walls are so fresh and vibrant, set off by the white furnishings and woodwork. Love the trim on the closet doors!

The pool house. The pool house! I could die a happy woman in this image.

What I can only assume is the pool house interior. Isn't it perfect? The coral and white are so cheerful, and I would arm wrestle someone for that coffee table.


Not sure what is happening on these walls, but I like it. And the curtains? Perfect.

Lucite luggage racks? Yes, please.

Can you imagine this as your driveway? I can.

In researching the home, I was thrilled to learn that Albert Hadley was also born in Nashville, which certainly strengthens my suspicion of his involvement in the project. Hadley has also designed interiors for other Nashville luminaries, former Vice President Al Gore and his (former?) wife, Tipper.

I find that the older I get, the more I am drawn to these traditional interiors that cry out to be filled with family and friends over drawn-out bridge games, swimming parties, and political discussions that go into the night. Scotch on the rocks, anyone?


Anonymous said...

I would literally die for that house. Magnificent!

Revival Home and Garden said...

I am with you... All we need is $5.5 million! Want to go halvsies? I think there is room for us both....and then some.

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