Tuesday, November 25, 2008

As seen in December's "Domino"

We have been working like mad for many a moon now to get our Web site up and going, but it looks like we are still a week or two away (maybe sooner...keep your fingers crossed!).

With Thanksgiving approaching, we are ever so thankful that the items shown above appear in the December issue of our beloved Domino magazine, crediting our humble shop for ordering purposes. Naturally we were hoping people could simply hop on over to our Web site and buy them, but now it seems it won't be quite that simple.

If you saw the items and are interested in purchasing one (or, better yet, more), here's the skinny:

1. The resin stag head is featured in the medium size, measuring 16"H. He sells for $55, and he has two friends: a smaller version, measuring 7 1/2" for $25, and a larger version, measuring 20" for $120.

2. The gold and coral costume necklace is from Kenneth Jay Lane and retails for $100.00.

If you're interested in purchasing either, drop us a line at info@revivalhomeandgarden.com or ring us at 206.763.3886. We will be happy to help you!

With any luck our site will up by the time the issue drops and all of this will be moot, but we are not betting on it.... Murphy's Law and all. Damn that Murphy.

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