Monday, June 15, 2009

Talking Trash

Our Imperial Trellis wastebasket is featured in the current issue of House Beautiful, along with 49 other delightful ways to rid yourself of garbage.

Shown in green (#41, not ranked in order of awesomeness, I might add -- and please ignore my seriously lacking scanner skills): is also available in charcoal:

Additionally, there's this version honoring the wonderful David Hicks:

All are currently on sale for $77!

And while it's not exactly the glamorous way I'd always imagined being featured in House Beautiful for the first time, it is House Beautiful, nonetheless. First stop, trash can. Next stop, design project.

Might I add, by the way, that the July issue of HB is, in short, awe-inspiring. Miles Redd has outdone himself yet again (studded green leather doors, navy lacquer walls, oh my!), and the home by Jonathan Berger is one of my favorites in recent memory. The pink entry is drool-inducing.

Domino, schmomino. I am loving me some House Beautiful! (Hearst Communications, if you take this one away from me, I'm coming after you. Remember: we all have your address.)


my favorite and my best said...

OMG!!! YES the berger designed house. TOO DIE!!!!! the pink walls, the aqua leather chairs in that milk chocolate dining area with the pink venetian glass chandelier. i've said it before and i will say it again...i would hump that room.

Revival Home and Garden said...

And how about the custom plaster bulletin board with the pale blue cork? Ahhhhhh. Let's make it a threesome.

Alicia said...

When I first the page, my eye went to yours first, seriously.
And Hearst will not be getting rid of House Beautiful...not if they dont want an agry mob of devoted bloggers storming the offices..lead by me & the bulhorn!!!!

brandy said...

couple things: what is your last day at the current location? and where are you moving to? you haven't made any announcement about the new location that we've missed i hope? could be i'm just the last to know.

second, those trash cans are cute, and to give you even more extra credit, i saw them in your shop and thought 'oh, how awesome that she can MAKE THOSE!' too funny, i thought you were whipping those up in your back room. or maybe you are?

and lastly, why is comment moderation always on?

Revival Home and Garden said...

Hi, Brandy. No, you haven't missed anything--we are still ironing out the details of our new location. We're hoping for an official announcement in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. We will be at our current location at least through the end of July, most likely into August, so still time to pay us a visit and snatch up some sale items.

Yeah, I wish I had made the wastebaskets -- I fear my crafty gene is not quite at that level. They are handmade, however...just by someone else.

And lastly, on the subject of comment moderation, I think it was just on by default when I started the blog... I don't know what purpose it serves me, as I publish every comment made, even the snarky ones (see a few posts back--the Anthropologie-themed one--for proof!) There have been a few spam comments left by people promoting random things, so the feature is handy then, I suppose. But all other comments are fair game! Maybe I should figure out how to turn it off....? Stay tuned.

Averill said...

Your HB-featured trash can is actually how I ended up finding your lovely blog and shop.

{Btw, I ordered it in charcoal and I can't wait to get it!}

Rebecca June said...

CONGRATS CONGRATS! You deserve it!


Rebecca June

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Congrats on your feature and I love HB too! I would really fall apart without it. Just did the hot pink post of the entrance hall and got a wide range of comments...but I love it.

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