Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You Need Therapy

Big thanks to the lovely people over at Apartment Therapy for featuring my yard today, which I have discussed here ad nauseum and will refrain from doing so again as my random act of kindness for today.

But since we're talking about Apartment Therapy, they featured an ingenious idea a few months back that I saved to my reference file, and now seems as good a time as any to pull it out for everyone to see.

I (and a lot of us, to be sure) have a love-hate relationship with the TV: I love to watch it (and hate to watch it--another post entirely), but hate the idea of making it a focal point of the room. I like the idea of hiding it in some fashion--behind a piece of art that slides away a la Celerie Kemble, behind a panel of an entertainment center, etc.--but I also like the idea of admitting to the world, "Yes, I am human and therefore flawed. I love me some 'Bachelor,'" and putting it out there for public consumption.

Which is why I think the idea below is a nice one:

Though I fear the television may be a bit low for ideal viewing, I would be willing to make such a sacrifice for this insanely fabulous way to display it. Kudos to interior designer Kelly Giesen for her creative solution to this age-old (or at least, half-century-old) dilemma.

She's got another TV (this one in her bedroom) hiding behind that fabulous mirrored screen at the top, too. Love it!

Check out the full post here.


Alicia said...

I humbly bow before your green thumb!!! Im jealous of your water feature. Here in AZ they're frowned on, conservation & all, but yours reminds me of what I left behind over a year ago...& like you I bought my bungalow there from a couple of the blackest thumbs ever. Just when I got it wonderful, I had to relocate.
I'll live vicariously through your perfection.

Revival Home and Garden said...

Yes, if we ever move, I'm about 95% sure I would not have the energy to do it all over again. Next time, I'm buying from gardeners!

jamieofalltrades said...

I struggle with the same thing. I want to get a new flat screen tv, the main reason being they look better in my house. But at the same time I feel like that makes me look like a big tv watcher. Which I'm not. i do love me some Bachelor... or Bachelorette. I'm guilty. :)

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