Monday, February 2, 2009

Heaven's Gate

I promise this is the last gardening post for a bit--at least, the last related specifically to my own garden.... it's barely interesting to me at this point, so apologies to those of you still here!

But I had to share images of our new (old) gates leading into our side yard. My husband found them at our favorite salvage building-supply store, then existing as two rusty metal panels, and we knew they would be the perfect replacement for our sad, droopy, six-year-old wooden gate. (In a true testament to how well my husband knows me, he spotted them on a solo shopping trip, noticed the presence of the greek key motif, and bought them without even soliciting my opinion. He's good!)

After a few weekends of work (my husband's, not mine, though I have contributed my fair share of encouragement, and boy, am I tired), they are installed, and I could not love them any more.

Or, as my beloved Jonathan Adler would say, "J'adore the doors!"

Here's our newly reconfigured fence panel, which is now our plan for the entire fence. Guess who gets to deconstruct the whole fence and reassemble it horizontally? Hint: It's not me. I can't wait to put every last bit of the ugly trellis topper into the yard waste bin!

Detail of gate - beyond it, check out our cool rainwater barrel, made from a plastic container used to mix Coca-Cola syrup (my husband works for Coke) and corrugated metal. Way better than the green giants we thought were our only option!


Kelly 'Knoth' Christensen said...

I love this gate and how he installed them! True inspiration for my NEW home. Thanks!

Revival Home and Garden said...

Thanks, Kelly! I will pass your compliments along to "my installer." He loves to get them.

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