Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Krista Faye Knows Love...and Necklaces

One of my favorite lines in the shop is a local one, vintage jewelry designed and handcrafted by Ballard's answer to Kenneth Jay Lane, Krista Kenner.

Krista's jewelry is sold under the name KristaFayeKnowsLove...I'm not entirely sure why, but this seems a good time to find out. (I'll keep you posted!) She scouts amazing vintage components--beads, chains, random decorative items like a jeweled "VOTE" charm--and combines them with new finds to make truly unique, fresh, and whimsical designs. She has a great eye for color, and I am always surprised and delighted by each new piece she brings in.

The latest batch of new pieces, which we just received last week, is my favorite to date. And the star of the show? This necklace. It must be mine. Oh, yes, it will be mine. (Luckily she can make a few more.)

The beads themselves are dyed magnesite that are a dead ringer for turquoise but cost less (i.e, "recession turquiose"), and the vintage chain is gold-plated. The shape of both the beads and the chain links causes my heart to flutter.

Not pictured are some fabulous coordinating pieces of turquoise and vintage coral: earrings, another necklace, and a necklace that converts into a bracelet.

Krista Faye does indeed know love-ly. And you need to know Krista Faye!

UPDATE: This just in, from the mouth of KristaFaye herself:

"I started a faux love advice (with terrible advice) column back in 2005 -- it's how I met my husband. He wrote in (thought it was funny) and the rest is history...

The column has been on hold --- I don't mix business with pleasure -- but I think I'll integrate vignettes of funny advice (blog style) when we launch the KFKL website. :)"

And now you know the rest of the story. (Apologies to the late Paul Harvey.)


jamieofalltrades said...

GORGEOUS! I love turquoise!

Cori Ready said...

KristaFayeKnowsLove can see deep into the crystal ball of my heart and make what it most desires. Awesome, original yet classic statement pieces with staying power. I heart Krista Faye! I will wear her jewels forever!!

Revival Home and Garden said...

Couldn't have said it better (and didn't!) myself. Cori, you should be in PR or something... ;-)

Gisselle said...

Interesting.!! That necklace is looking fabulous. I like the design..

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