Friday, February 13, 2009

My Vintage Valentine

Last weekend, while making my rounds scouting for fabulous finds, I found something I did not expect: an amazing vintage sofa, covered in an incredible turquoise brocade, with no rips or tears in the fabric. Be still my heart!

Look at the lines! The legs! The long, low back pillows with Asian-esque symbols!

After some new seat-cushion inserts and a thorough cleaning, my only problem will be deciding between selling it at the shop or keeping it for myself.

Who says there's no such thing as love at first sight?


LotusHaus said...

absolutely gorgeous! I love the solid colored back pillows and platform base! i am so smitten with turquoise right now too!

Revival Home and Garden said...

Good news! I've decided to part with the sofa....plan on pairing it with a pair of low-profile black lacquer vintage chairs upholstered in coral velvet. Stay tuned!

Siiri said...

WHERE did you find that?! I love that sofa! FUN! Oh, please tell me you found it somewhere local. I need a new salvage obsession!

suzmoore said...

Is the white tufted sofa in the store or in your house? I feel lust for it.

Revival Home and Garden said...

The sofa was indeed a local find. Siiri, next time I see you I'll fill you in on the unexpected one, for sure!

I have in my home a 10+-year-old red Ultrasuede sofa from Ligne Roset that has been puked on by two kids and counting, rolled on by a pine sap-covered Jack Russell, and fallen prey to other countless atrocities. The feather fill is sneaking out of every pore, the loose back cushions are constantly askew... Needless to say, I have been in the market for a new sofa for some time.

I was having trouble deciding between the vintage beauty pictured here and the vintage white number you see in the background, which has always been the frontrunner. The turquoise option gained the lead until I realized it would render 50% of the items already in my Living Room defunct, so we are back to the white beauty. My only problem? The millions of tufts, which make me love it, also cause the reupholstery to cost a mint. I'd keep it as is, except that it has some tears and staining.... Plus my kids and dogs would do a number on that white. Argh.

suzmoore said...

I search the word "tufted" on Craig's List every day in hopes of finding my dream sofa, loveseat or chair in decent shape and in my price range. That #$%ing price range bit is killing me.
BTY did you download all your deco file images from online Domino yet? I did mine but did not know where to save them (they are on my harddrive now) flikr says you can only save your own images on their site.

Revival Home and Garden said...

E-mail me your price constraints... I will keep my eyes open for a find!

Haven't downloaded all my Deco images yet. Deep down, I am just a paper girl. I have a whole binder with all my home plans (or, more accurately right now, dreams!). I need to get with the 21st century. Between blogging, Facebook, Twitter... I am tech-ed out!

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