Sunday, March 22, 2009

Goodson and Yummerfield

Okay, those aren't really their names...but they should be. Los Angeles-based design duo Ron Woodson & Jaime Rummerfield have been style icons of mine for a number of years, but surprisingly they were never embraced by our late love Domino magazine in the manner of Ruthie Sommers, Windsor Smith, and others. Perhaps a correlation to the mag's recent folding? Just a thought.

A vignette at their (rumored to be--haven't yet been) fabulous L.A. showroom

What I like most about Woodson & Rummerfield? They go big. They take risks. But sometimes they don't. Based on the diversity of their portfolio, and their showroom vignettes, they have a definitive style of their own, but they seem to know when to reign it in and allow their clients' styles to dominate. Often times a designer's "signature style" is all you see, and it feels as if perhaps the client was buried under fabric samples somewhere along the way.

Not so with these two, perhaps just one of the reasons they were recently named among Traditional Homes' "Top 20" young designers to watch.... They've been our list for years! Just look at them, for crying out loud:

Here are some shots of less "Woodson & Rummerfield"-style interiors, no less lovely:

Did I mention that we also sell their wonderful book, High Style? Read more about it HERE.

And speaking of Traditional Home (a few paragraphs back--trust me), I would like to now go on record as saying that it is sort of filling my Domino void...when I throw in House Beautiful and a dose of Elle Decor, I'm kind of good.

As part of our ongoing in-store design center creation, I have been going through all my back issues of Domino (yes, I have each and every one of them ever printed), and I have slowly realized how much better it used to be. I feel like I'm betraying an old friend, putting that thought in print, but every other page in each of my old issues is dog-eared for an amazing find or a truly ingenious idea....the last few issues, not so much. In fact, I haven't heard too many other people say it, but the last issue? Something of a snoozefest.

In a way I was glad it didn't bowl me over, as my boredom did help to dull the pain of knowing it was the last new issue I'd ever hold, but I was inevitably more sorry to turn the last page with a feeling of disappointment rather than loss.

Lots of heavy talk for a magazine. But still. I know you understand.


HouseLewis said...

Hi Leah. Not sure if you remember me...I used to work with Kelley Moore. Well I just wanted to say that I was flipping through Luxe Magazine and saw your pic! Love it and loved what they had to say about you. Hope you're doing well!

Kyla Lewis

gatherings home said...

I have loved Woodson and Rummerfield since Domino had done a piece about them (it feels like so long ago...I am fiercly missing Domino!) I was in your neck of the woods yesterday and realized you were closed. I guess Mondays are our days to regroup though! I am so sad I missed you.I will try again soon, promise!!!

Revival Home and Garden said...

Kyla, of course I remember you! Great to hear from you...hope all is well. Drop me an e-mail and let me know what you are up to.

And Carol, so sorry I missed you Monday. One of these days we WILL connect, I just know it.

Thanks for reading, both of you.

And check this out from Woodson & Rummerfield:

Is it wrong that I want to do it?

WandR HOME said...

Hi Leah! I just stumbled across this post and I am loving the Goodson & Yummerfield token names!
By far the best terms yet!!!
Hope to meet you someday!
All the best.
Jaime Rummerfield

Revival Home and Garden said...

Jaime, can I just say that you posting on my post about you pretty much made my day....oh, heck, maybe even my month? (I know it's still early June, but you get my drift!)

I am so hoping to see your fabulous store in person this summer, and perhaps even fabulous you. Now that would make my year!



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