Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainy Day Woman

I spotted this drop-dead gorgeous, I must-have-it-now pagoda-style umbrella in one of my myriad e-mail newsletters and had to investigate. Turns out it is designed and made by a local company (love that) and can be customized in a variety of fabric colors and handle colors. At this point in my fact-finding mission, I am ready to order a smattering for the store, until I see that they retail for around $100. This gives me pause.

I think I might pay $100 for a spectactular umbrella if I happened to spot it on a day that I'd just landed a big design job, gotten a call from "House Beautiful" wanting to do a spread on my home, or was fresh off a huge argument with my husband (kidding...sort of). But I'm wondering if I'm being more conservative (my more elegant-sounding version of "cheap") than most.

Would anyone out there buy one of these in the perfect color combination for $100? Maybe I just need a little convincing to pull the trigger.... Of course, feel free to rain on my parade. (Bah dum bum.)


Bri said...

You betcha! I spent too much on a Burberry one and like this one better! You're in well spent! ;)

Siiri said...

Okay, so don't throw the book at me here, but I'm taking the opposing stance on this one. Sorry, Bri. :)
As a native, there are VERY few times that I actually use an umbrella in Seattle. And while I agree that a high quality piece is worth its weight in gold, there are similar companies selling semi-customizable umbrellas for less, such as Umbrella Society:

They are almost as cute, similar in their classic style, and a third of the price (well, almost).

I'm a little torn, because the one you're showing here is SO romantical, and I can only imagine strolling down 3rd after a movie, in the rain, sharing a little kiss under this cute umbrella with Paul (yeah, like that situation would ever happen)....but my practical side sets in and says "If you buy that, you'll either lose it, rip it, or it'll get stained or broken by someone else." So...that's my 2 pence.

from the right bank said...

I definitely would! It's stunning and I love it when practical items are also pretty. My only fear would be leaving it somewhere which I tend to do with my umbrellas.

Christine said...

hi - as a new englander who loves beautifully designed items and is not afraid to spend money, I have to add that I would not spend that kind of money on an umbrella. Half that price - yes. Maybe I would think differently if I lived in Seattle.
Its truly lovely tho!

Anonymous said...

Who uses an umbrella in Seattle?

anne bryant said...

Too rich for my blood, but it is beautiful!
I've seen some lovely wedding photos where the brides used umbrellas like this for photos and such so perhaps that might be the right clientele.

Revival Home and Garden said...

Who knew umbrellas would elicit such strong emotion?

I have to say, obviously I live in Seattle, and I actually do use an umbrella, usually if I am walking a fair distance (which I find myself doing more and more of these days, for both the environment and my pocketbook).

My go-to umbrella, that I've managed to keep up with for around 10 years (!), is a full-size leopard print model.... I think maybe because I actually did spend a bit for it, I'm more mindful of remembering to leave with it.

Thanks for the feedback. They don't strike me as necessarily the most "recession proof" item, but they are so lovely. I'll sleep on it...and save up!

Maison Luxe said...

hey, that is one sexy umbrella! i like it very much. my thoughts on umbrellas are similar to my approach to sunglasses...i break, lose, or otherwise become un-posessed of at least 3 per season, so $100 for an umbrella is a bit much. but damn if that isn't one fine looking specimen!

happy day to you! (look outside, it's snowing!)

xo, kelie

Anonymous said...

Seattle natives don't use umbrellas extensively, usually will substitute with a hat, hoodie or newspaper. However, a set of these might be great for use in a wedding or wedding favors for a bridesmaids. Someone visiting or new to Seattle might buy it, this of course helps us identify transplants (60% of Seattlelites) vs. visitor (10%) vs. natives (30%).

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