Sunday, March 1, 2009

Words to Live By

Wanted to share what is a sometimes overlooked but much loved part of my home: a sort-of header on our back gate, embossed by my husband with my favorite quote, one I revisit time and again when things seem discouraging. (I even have a ring with the same quote engraved on its face--guess that makes this something of a personal credo, no?)

Over the years the words have become weathered and rusty, which seems the perfect finish for the verse....underneath all the tarnish there is always hope.

Though we are bomabarded these days with all sorts of negative stories and images, I think most of us have a great deal to be thankful for, and optimistic about. Corny (and partisan) as it may sound, I still get butterflies every time I hear our new president speak. My eyes well up when my baby wraps her tiny arms around my neck and squeezes. I am speechless when I go to work and discover that my husband snuck away while I was sleeping to clean my office before my arrival. All of these things make me hopeful about my own future, and remind me of how much goodness exists around me. Take THAT, nightly news!

As we begin to look toward spring, may we all dwell in the possibility of what may be. (Thank you for enduring my rare outburst of schmaltz!)


Anonymous said...

Sometime taking time out to appreciate the little things is the hardest thing to do. Being bombarded with constant negativity by the media (thank you king, komo, kiro, cnn, msnbc & yeah fox....on that last one, I just take an occassional peak to see what rhetoric they are spewing from time to time) becomes so distracting. I'm just trying to find ways to get inspired again. But is in the evening right before my sons bedtime that I find all the inspiration I need. As I snuggle in his bed with him and he tells me about his dreams and plans for the next day (Yes...the luxury of childhood and taking it one day at a time) I find myself feeling guilty that I could want for more than what I have at that moment (yah, I know....I'm such a sap) :)


Siiri said...

Hey Leah! It was great seeing you yesterday! The store is looking great as usual, and I'm swooning over my new ring that I'm wearing right now. It's so great! I also brought my "hour glass" to work, and have been timing it, and now know that it's about a "30 minute glass" :) It's perfect for the office. See you soon!

Revival Home and Garden said...

Couldn't agree more, Carol. Thanks for your lovely comment.

Maison Luxe said...

i'm sorry, did you say your husband sneaks into your office to clean it for you before you go to work? yes? i hate you. :-)

no, love you, and LOVE the new website!! it rocks!

see you soon, kelie

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