Monday, March 16, 2009

More to Love

Some great new items we simply had to share...

Yes, we know it's a bit ubiquitous, Schumacher's "Chiang Mai Dragon" fabric, but we can't stop loving it. Sort of like Oprah's book club selections; everyone's reading them, but they're usually really good.

Also somewhat ubiquitous but still completely fabulous is our beloved Jonathan Adler. We sell a number of Monsieur Adler's products (and can order any of them for you...just ask), and we've long had our eye on his Chippendale dining chairs. Available in assorted colors, we chose lime green, and decided to pep it up a bit by putting some leftover fabric to use.

Maybe it's just us, but looking at this chair increases our heart rate a few points.

Another favorite new arrival: this vintage dining table and Thonet-style chairs.

We found them in pretty sad shape, with serious discoloration and--ugh--orange-brown vinyl seats...

...and decided to work a little magic :

The table has two removable leaves, great for many of our city-sized homes.

We chose a wonderful commercial-grade white vinyl croc print for the seats....simply wipe that food or red wine right off! If only I could do the same for my clothes, but that's another blog post entirely.

Also loving this vintage Cinnabar lamp with new custom white-linen pagoda shade:

Lastly, how could we say no to this?


Tamstyles said...

WOW great before and afters...And I love your blog by the way!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Love that dragon fabric!

Rebecca June said...

I HEART the design vortex!

I stumbled across you guys that way too. I absolutely adore your blog, and hope to get to your shop one day soon!

I also dream of the Kelly Wearstler Trellis paper everywhere. I actually have them in window treatments in my living room.

Not to mention, I have the Chiang Ming Dragon fabric as pillows in my house as well. There is a reason for not being able to stop loving it...its just too good!


Rebecca June

Pink Wallpaper said...

oh and i forgot to say, we even have our chairs paired w/ the same desk :)

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