Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Spring is finally upon us here in the Pacific Northwest (well, sort of), and in that spirit of renewal, we've decided to do some re-imagining of our own.

You may not have heard (she said sarcastically), but there's a recession underway, one that began, oh, around the same month we opened last year....the same month I was six months pregnant. Yes, we've always had impeccable timing.

In spite of aforementioned economic hardships, we've had a successful initial year--received to-die-for press coverage, met incredible people, designed lovely spaces, and sourced some fabulous finds. But we've had to face the realization that, over the last year, people's buying habits have changed, and as a result, we're redirecting the focus of our business.

Over the passing months, we've observed more and more that customers continue to seek out one-of-a-kind vintage treasures, and they value the investment of time and resources in redesigning their homes, in small or large degrees. But random (albeit cool) tchotchkes? Not so much.

In light of this, we've taken a hard look at ourselves and realized these two most successful areas of our business are also the ones we most enjoy. This realization, paired with our desire to stay lean and mean, means something great for us both: WE'RE MOVING!

Where are we moving, we ask? We don't exactly know just yet. But we promise you will be the first (or at least in the top ten) we tell.

One thing we do know about our new location? It will be much smaller, to enable us to be more intentional with our product offering (with a nice side benefit of keeping our overhead down). And because of this, we are clearing out the shop with merchandise priced to move.

Beginning Friday, May 8, all items in the store (except for a few pieces on consignment we can't discount) will be 30% off. Yes, that's right: almost EVERYTHING. Design books? Yep. Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry? You betcha. Vintage furniture? Uh huh.

So, if you've had your eye on anything, now's the time to act. There will be an additional markdown or two with passing weeks, but many of you will recall from our last big sale the sadness of discovering your beloved items snatched out from under you by someone more risk-averse. Don't let it happen again!

Those of you who know us know how much we love Georgetown, and we have mixed feelings about closing our doors there, but we are also so excited to discover what lies ahead. We hope you are, too.


Rebecca June said...

I am sad, but excited for you! With change just comes new opportunities for you to grow! Will your sale be online too? I might have been online stalking a few pieces...


Rebecca June

Revival Home and Garden said...

Thanks for your kind words, Rebecca. Though of course there are lots of emotions involved in such a decision, we are really excited about the possibilities this change will bring and think it will only benefit our business.

And YES! We are hoping to include online items in the sale, so check the site on Friday for first dibs (don't sue us, 1st Dibs). Good luck!

coco+kelley said...

I AM COMING!! the credit cards may hurt a bit after this one... actually, i'm going to be down there tomorrow, so could you start the sale a day early? awesome, thanks ;)

ps - you know you have to give me the scoop!

Revival Home and Garden said...

Cassie, scoop is forthcoming. We'll talk.

Go pick out what you want tomorrow, put it on hold, then call with your credit card info on Friday. Cheating or ingenious? I think the latter.

Anonymous said...

Nooo! I will miss your beautiful shop - such an oasis for me during a stressful work week. Can't wait to hear where you land.

Heather Levy

Alexandra Hedin said...

I was already planning on coming down today too! How fortuitous! I always need new things (need being subject to interpretation). See you soon!

Sarah Morrison said...

My favorite spot in Seattle closing?! You will be missed while I eagerly await your new space! I will sneak down to see you soon! XOXO

Toddy Dyer said...

there is a jonathan adler neddlepoint pillow I have had my eye on - is it still there and if so - will you hold it for me so I can come get it first thing in am?

jamieofalltrades said...

Oh no! You have such a beautiful store. But I'm thinking good thoughts for a new, even better and more profitable location.
I'll stop in for sure. Maybe tomorrow or next week.

Siiri said...

I'm sad, but not surprised, you're moving in a new direction. Your clients deserve the best you have to offer. Your stock is fantastic, your service is the reason people love Revival. I know you'll have great success with the new direction and I can't wait to see it develop! I will really try to come in for the sale!

Maison Luxe said...

LEAH! i'm so surprised to hear this - what is going on!?! okay, we are getting together for drinks if i have to come over to your house with two 40's of Old E!

let me know what i can do to help...boxes, advil, pitchers of margaritas...i'm so sad to hear this news! you're amazing, and your shop is amazing...hang in there!

Revival Home and Garden said...

Thanks to all for the fabulous comments. Our head has grown exponentially as a result. But no need for sadness! The simple truth is that parts of the business are working very well (design services, custom and online orders, and vintage sales) and other parts (sales off the floor) aren't. By trying to keep all of the functions going, we are getting killed by our overhead. The biggest problems: our vast amount of floor space to fill, and our location. By moving to a smaller space in an area with more retail neighbors, we aim to mitigate these factors. So, though it may seem to be sad news, truly it is the best thing for the business, to help ensure we stick around for the long haul.

We appreciate your support and encouragement through this transition more than you know. We have the best customers (friends, many of you) in the world!

Anonymous said...

Leah, i had no idea. I'm selfishly sad. You will be missed in the hood. I love your store and will travel to find you. Wishing you the best in your decision. As long as I can still get my Revival fix . The best of in a smaller will be a gem!

angela said...

have you looked on the eastside? small spaces available in the pine lake shopping area of sammamish where qfc is. used to be a blockbuster there, and they have made several smaller spaces there now. good shopping traffic there would be good for business and parking is easy and free.

christina said...

Leah -
I have FOUND THE MOST PERFECT retail spot! Not only is it in the best locale for you & family, it comes complete with sun, wineries, a best friend, and your own personal elite group of design-starved shoppers.
To get to Nirvana, first pack all of your stuff up in a large U-Haul, head East on I-90, go through two mountain passes, a long stretch of highway - where you'll pass your favorite candy confectioners -Aplets & Cotlets - and presto! you've arrived to the newest interior design "hot spot" west of the Mississippi!
Get your ass over here!

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