Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Duchess of Wallpaper

It's no secret to many of us that England has got the market cornered on bold, colorful style (David Hicks, Osborne & Little, Romo, The Rug Company, Paul Smith, girls named Gemma, etc.), so naturally a talent like Lizzie Allen (with a perfect Brit name to boot) could only have sprung from across the pond.

Cited as one of Apartment Therapy's top picks from the recent ICFF in New York, Lizzie Allen designs the most charming wallpaper we've stumbled across in many a moon. I'm afraid to read their response to my pricing inquiry, because I've already completed a few projects with it in my mind.

See for yourself....Living in a Lizzie Allen-papered room would be like awakening each day in the pages of your favorite children's book.

"London City Gents"

"Jazz in Central Park"

"Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace"

"The Royal Guards"

"St. Paul's"

I'm thinking "Jazz in Central Park" or "Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace" for a certain 3-year-old...

After all, if baby sister is getting the donkeys...


Alicia said...

Whimsical, delightful & pure genius. its fab to see paper thats childlike yet not juvenille...& God bless no character tie ins!!!!!!!!!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I am definitely thinking double decker busses for the three year old at my house. Great source, thanks for the post. Somehow missed it on AT.

Rebecca June said...

Those are my two favorites! How funny is that? I think I am leaning more towards "Jazz in Central Park" though.


Rebecca June

Jackie Kersh said...

love all of them! we have a map wallpapered in our den (came with the house) and it's by far my most our favorite room to hang out in.


have fun choosing!

Revival Home and Garden said...

Jackie, love your giant map. (And darn if the AT comments don't get snarky. I would be shaking in my boots to have my home on there--you made it out with flying colors!)

Glad we are all in agreement on the fabulousness of these designs. I'll keep you posted (no pun intended) on my decision.

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