Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Left Behind

Just in--and on sale--carved mahogany Chinoiserie gilt mirror

So by now you know a few things:

1. We're moving. (Details forthcoming...hopefully in the next week!)
2. We're having a sale to minimize the amount of heavy lifting said move entails.
3. If heaven were a store, we would have wings. (We figured we were on a roll, so why not push the envelope?)

You're probably thinking to yourself, "Self, why have I dithered and dathered and not yet gone to Revival Home & Garden to snap up that fab (insert piece of your dreams here)?"

Fear not, gentle customers, for there are many finds remaining, just waiting for you to come take them away from all this.

Finds like these:

Vintage pair of brass and lucite adjustable sconces

Faux python X-base bench (also in-stock in white faux croc)

Vintage swivel-base metal bamboo chair

Vintage pair of ginger jar lamps and custom black linen shade

(Personal note: These are STUNNING! Save me from myself)

Jonathan Adler side chair with custom Schumacher seat cushion

Insanely stunning and long vintage brocade sofa with ORIGINAL FABRIC

Pair of vintage lacquer armchairs

We could go on and on, or you could come by or pay us a virtual visit. Don't let a little procrastination come between you and your decorating destiny.


Rebecca June said...

How much is the red swivel bamboo chair with zebra cushion? I love it!

I also already havea pair of the faux white croc x-bas benches in my home. To die for!


Rebecca June

Revival Home and Garden said...

I know...LOVE those (there are two!).

Regular price is $625, so on sale, they would be $437.50 each!

Rebecca June said...

I adore it...but I wonder what the heck shipping woudl be to CA. probably more than I want to know.


Rebecca June

Siiri said...

I had wondered where that couch had run off to! (the vintage brocade find) but it's not on the online store, so I have NO idea if it's in my price range, now that you're parting with it. also, you called my bluff on the Lafco candles, so I'm in for one of each - the red (apple) the green (rosemary eucy) and the black (myhrr). Can I come get them, and spend more money after memorial day weekend? How much longer are you going to be open?

Revival Home and Garden said...

Rebecca, the chair can actually ship Greyhound for $100 or less! We heart Greyhound!

Siiri, we will be at our current location at least through the end of June, so come on down!!! We look forward to seeing you.

Jen West Design said...

I think I'm glad I don't live near your store. It looks like trouble. What does your HOUSE look like? Yummy???????????????????????

Revival Home and Garden said...

Jen, that's why they invented the INTERNET. I know you aren't afraid to buy things sight unseen... I promise not to cause a repeat of the Chinese batik incident.

The house is coming around, finally, and with extra-special thanks to Uncle Sam. Stay tuned for more on that, though I'm not sure how I will fare compared to YOURS! Come up for a visit and some alcohol--we can lock our kids in a room together and have a great afternoon. KIDDING. Sort of.

Renate said...

If shipping to Europe weren't so rediculously expensive, that red bamboo chair would be on it's way to me NOW!

1 Funky Woman said...

I just found you through Emily Clark and I'm so excited. Amazing furniture! I'm drooling over the lamps!

New follower!


Revival Home and Garden said...

Hi, Megan... thanks for letting us know how you got here. And an extra thanks to Emily for linking to us!

Happy weekend! Thanks for following along.


Outdoor lighting sale said...

Love the pair of ginger lamps. It would be perfect for my tables. Good luck in your new place.

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