Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lucite for the Masses

We've previously discussed the lusciousness that is Lucite, and I've long kept a running tally of how much it will set me back to bedeck each and every one of my kitchen cabinets with my favorite of the high-end Lucite pulls I've researched over the last year or so.

Enter Atlas Housewares.

These perfectly lovely clear acrylic pulls are a fraction of the cost of others I've been dreaming of, with the same high-end glam look.

I just snapped up a handful of the 6"-long versions to update a mid-century dresser: George Nelson meets Liberace. (Sadly, it's going to take a big design project to cover all-new kitchen hardware.)

And through March 31, you can save 10% on the entire collection by entering "MARCHSPA" at checkout.

Let the Lucite love commence.


Trove Interiors said...

Ooh, I love the 6" long pulls. Those would work in almost any house or with any piece of furniture. Contemporary yet classic. Thanks for the tip!

Alicia said...

Im right there digging the long ones. Hello new bathroom handles & gratitude for the tip!!!

So Suburban Chic said...

Leah, I just received a small order for our bathroom - the square pulls and they are fabulous! Thanks for the recommendation. Eileen

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