Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Imaginary Client

At the risk of you thinking me even nuttier than ever, I have a tiny secret to reveal: in between working on real projects (or usually, in the middle of), I like to create imaginary clients and assemble fabric schemes for them. Sometimes I go even farther and add in furniture, other materials....though I usually stop short of giving my imaginary clients names. (That counts for something, right? Notice I said usually.)

When creating schemes for actual clients, I often stumble across fabrics that aren't quite right for the project at hand, but I'll realize they would be perfect with that (insert name of wonderful fabric here) I've been dying to use. Thus the imaginary client is born. After cobbling together the ideal scheme, I make a mental note of everything and await the appearance of an actual client it might be perfect for.

Won't you say hello to my current imaginary client? She's a girl of around 8 -- she likes pink but is not one of those "princess pink" types, so we're balancing things out with some navy.

This guy from Kravet is the star of the show...

...but I have since developed a small obsession with his friend from Andrew Martin:

Also represented are my old faithfuls -- a few indoor/outdoor selections and a pair of favorite patterns from Alan Campbell. My client has such impeccable taste!

I'm also thinking we could work in a few pieces from the shop:

These lamps with some framed vintage Florence Broadhurst wallpaper panels?

Perhaps some additional throw pillows for her dreamy twin canopy beds?

And what young girl's room is complete without a vintage cloisonne vase? Ha.

Clearly I still have navy and white on the brain...just scored a lot of striped Sunbrella yardage on eBay, soon to be a pair of dining chairs. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, my imaginary client is beckoning... She is one fierce taskmaster. Kids today!


ashlina said...

oh those fabrics.....swoon!

Heather Draper said...

you are not alone...I create imaginary clients all the time!! just to many great fabrics in the world to play with...

robinwehl said...

Imagine, if you will, purple chairs that need a makeover and a living room that needs a paint job. There is also a fireplace that needs new tile or Milestone and something cute to hang above the mantle. Peacock blue? Sea green? Help.

Revival Home and Garden said...

Robin, come in to the shop one day soon if you can and I'll help you! Although my Imaginary Client might get jealous. ;-)

wicker bar stools said...

No need to spend too much to regain your furniture. Just be artistic and have determination to do a makeover on your furniture. I love doing this one also.

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