Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nice Pants

I know I'm not digging deep with this one for most of you, but today's new edition from the much-loved purveyor of affordable art, 20x200, forced my hand.

I have come thiiiis close to buying prints for myself from 20x200 on numerous occasions (still mulling this over in a giant size), but today may be the day that I take action.

If this print from photographer Landon Nordeman doesn't take me back to the South, then nothing short of a tall glass of sweet tea will. (It doesn't hurt that the white "T" on the orange polo stands for "Tennessee," where I was born and raised.)

The funny thing about this image is that I wouldn't think twice about seeing this trio pass me on any southern street. But you'd be more likely to see a pack of donkeys fly past your shoulder than come anywhere close to this scene in Seattle. Lord knows we have our share of perks the South can't claim (mild weather, liberal politics, fresh salmon), but it's these uniquely southern quirks I get nostalgic for.

I may have to hang it adjacent to my husband's closet. Think he'll take the hint?

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