Monday, June 30, 2008

Best Seat in the House

A design we love is currently appearing (or disappearing, as the case may be) in all its glory in this month's issue of "Seattle" magazine/"Northwest Home & Garden," selected by the lovely and just plain nice lifestyle guru Kelley L. Moore (whose first name has been unfortunately misspelled by her friends at the online version of the mag....reformed editors can't stop themselves from noticing such details).

But I digress: it's the "Magino" stool from Karim Rashid--it's got a great silhouette and, as we love all things acrylic, it remains one of our favorite pieces to mix in whenever we get the opportunity. It also comes in a slightly taller, side-table size; a rectangular coffee-table style; and a bar stool.

and check out the other styles on Umbra's Web site:

THEN come by the shop and buy one from me!

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