Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Wasn't Dreaming

Thanks to the tech-savvy graphic designer extraordinaire Anne Bryant of Anne Bryant Creative for scanning these images and helping me look more professional!

Much love to "Elle Decor" for the mention... "Domino," are you listening?


Rita Konig said...

HA HA! yes we are! I am coming to Seattle in about ten days to do a shopping story. I would love to come and see you, the store and talk to you about seattle generally and where else i should be going. i will be in touch. xx rita konig

Revival Home & Garden said...

Wow, talk about the power of positive thinking! Hi, Rita. Of course I recognize your name, having a somewhat advanced case of "Domino" obsession... I would be more than thrilled to meet you and show off the shop, as well as fill you in on other great local gems.

Let me know when you're planning to be in town and I'll be sure to accommodate your schedule... it's the least I can do for the world's most wonderful magazine. You can reach me directly at

Hope to meet you soon!

Maison Luxe said...

Hi Leah!

Congrats on the coverage in Elle Decor, that is FABULOUS!! Wow! And a great photo, too.

Glad to hear all is going great down your way, the store is beautiful!

Best, Kelie

Revival Home & Garden said...

Thanks, Kelie. I am a big fan of your shop as well... hope to meet you in person at some point; come by the store if you're ever in the neighborhood. Of course, if you're anything like me, you're always at YOUR store!

far4 said...

Congratulations from far4! It is so wonderful to have such a beautiful and unique store as yours representing Seattle!

Best of luck!


Revival Home & Garden said...

Thanks, Jenny.... I'm dying to visit your store as well--have heard nothing but wonderful things. I appreciate your thoughts!--Leah, Revival Home & Garden

Anonymous said...

Hello Revival.

Congratulations on your Elle coverage.. Which is how I found you. I'm a devoted Domino subscriber so I look forward to seeing you there too.

I live in Miami so I won't be visiting any time soon. I wish you sold online. BOOO, cry.

PS. Romy is beautiful! I have a ten month old. Prepare that the first 3/4 months are zombie zone. You'll be sleep walking from exhaustion but it's the best feeling in the world.

Lots of love,

Revival Home & Garden said...

Hi, Keidy...Thanks for the post. No crying necessary--a Web site is in progress, complete with online purchasing capabilities. I'll post all about it when it's up and running, so stay tuned.

Thanks for the kind words about Miss Romy. She's a great baby (knock on wood) and causing me less sleep deprivation than the store!

Revival Home & Garden

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