Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sofa, So Good

Yes, we are blatantly "borrowing" our headline from DailyCandy's Seattle post today, but it was so good, we didn't dare try and top it. And yes, we have posted this photo before. But it seems appropos to repost in light of the following:

We are thrilled to be back in "the Candy" today with one of our favorite product lines, MetroSofa. As we have bragged before, MetroSofa is a top-notch company with an equally wonderful concept: repurposing vintage furniture frames into dynamic contemporary pieces through a combination of bold new fabrics and daring finishes like silver on a Louis side chair, or black lacquer on a previously stodgy wing chair.

We have a number of MetroSofa items in the store currently, and several more we're ordering in the coming days, so pop in and see what all the fuss is about. (FYI, if you see something you like on the MetroSofa Web site (, we're happy to place orders for you, too.)
If nothing else, come to see the red sofa in person. It is that fabulous.

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jennifer said...

This sofa looks as very traditional,very attractive and unique. its color combination is fabulous.i think we never expect this pattern of sofa in future.


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